This was my first foray into vocal jazz—and into writing record companies to get permission to arrange.  Let’s just say trying to get permissions for pop songs is not fun and usually involves many phone calls to far-flung places.  Fortunately, Sony allowed me to do an authorized arrangement for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Jazz at ORU.  They limited the number of copies I could have copied and required a fee for each copy to use David Gates’ work… completely understandable, but this would understandably be the last time I hassled with publishing companies!  Consequently, any future works I do are all based on public-domain texts or songs.  I wrote and dedicated this work to Dr. Ed Pierce during my last semester at ORU, thanks to his profound impact on my writing and teaching style.

NOTE: Because of the terms of my license from Sony/ATV, I cannot offer this work for sale.  Sorry, folks!  Out of consideration for Mr. Gates and Sony’s copyright, I will also refrain from posting the lyrics here, as well.